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Unfiltered Development - Build a Sports Odds Application with ReactJS, React Bootstrap, and Rapid API

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Moving to a NEW Platform

Before I launched my first course, I experimented with a lot of platforms and ultimately decided to use gumroad. After my initial launch, I found some areas were really lacking so to best provide value for my current and future students, I decided to move over to podia. Feel free to take the course there!

Unfiltered Development Philosophy

What is Unfiltered Development? Unfiltered Development philosophy is a course style that teaches you how to build applications with errors and debugging included.  As a Software Developer, you will run into problems and bugs. The only way to get better as a Software Developer is  to read errors and fix them.

I try to make my courses in a way where it is less about hand-holding and instead prioritize how a software developer approaches a problem. My courses will include me debugging errors and resolving them, an everyday task for a software developer! I hope you enjoy! 🔥


  • A Mac or Windows Computer

What You Will Build/Learn

Github Repository

Live in Production 

(If rate limit is reached, live site will not work!)

In this course, you will build a sports odds application using Reactjs (frontend), React Bootstrap (frontend), and Rapid API (backend). You will also deploy this application to Netlify! A sports odds application will tell you the odds of a game and compare them with different Sportsbook.

What makes this course unique is that it's not finished! Once it's complete, there are follow up challenges which I encourage you to do to make sure you're not just following along but building your own application!

If you're looking to improve your skills in the frontend, I highly encourage you to sign up and learn with me! 🙋‍♂️

Who this course if for

  • Programmers looking to build a project in React

  • Developers who have basic knowledge of Javascript

  • Engineers who have researched React but are unable to build projects on their own

  • If you are new to React, I would recommend learning the basics first before buying this course! 🙏

Meet Your Instructor

I am currently a Front-End Engineer at Amazon based in New York City. I took a non traditional route of learning how to code by attending a coding bootcamp called Flatiron School.

I create content on my Youtube channel to help aspiring developers break into the tech industry.  As someone who has done the career switch and now working as an Engineer, I will teach you everything I learned in coding, software development, networking strategy, and much more with the intention to change or advance your career.

I love writing code and breaking down complex concepts for beginners to understand ✨

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Unfiltered Development - Build a Sports Odds Application with ReactJS, React Bootstrap, and Rapid API

5 ratings
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